What is Dragon Ball Z?

What do you think when you heard the word Dragon Ball Z? Do you imagine a ball for the dragons or a ball that is made from a dragon? For anime enthusiasts, they may find this thinking absurd because Dragon Ball is a famous Manga (this is the Japanese word for comics) that has been adapted for anime series under the production of Toie Animation. It would seem unbelievable that someone exists in this world without any clue with what the Dragon Ball is. After all, it was aired for a decade starting 1986 and had become famous worldwide.

However, the story does not end here. Dragon Ball is considered among the most successful comics and animation in the history. The current generation may have One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and many more from Japan based anime. On the other hand, X-men, Archie and others existed in the Western counterpart and have become famous as well. Nevertheless, Dragon Ball remains an inspiration and has a different impact compared to the present shows.

But what is Dragon Ball Z? Is there a significant difference between the show Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z? Does the letter Z stands for something? There had been different opinions when it comes to that one letter but is seems that the bottom line is Z stands for nothing. Some say that it is a cool way of distinguishing it from the first part or the Dragon Ball. It would be boring to put there “part two” or “Dragon Ball Sequel”. The story of Dragon Ball Z started when Goku finds out about his real identity and fought with more than just the threats on the planet where he is living, the Earth.

Other people would contend this view because they think that Z, as the last letter in the alphabet, represents the end. The show Dragon Ball Z is the second and supposedly the last part of the Dragon Ball so putting Z there makes sense. You are free to believe any of the explanations because the producers have not released any formal statement regarding the matter.

Due to the unstoppable Dragon Ball Z fever, it has evolved into something else. Its transformation did not stop from Manga to animation. Many of the manufacturers have realized the potential market and profit for Dragon Ball hence, production of different products commence. There was a time that you need to be specific when you say Dragon Ball Z. Do you mean the anime series or your Dragon Ball Z designed pencil case that you have been boasting to your friends? Going around the stores will make you realize how many items have been made for Dragon Ball Z. Of course the cards will never be out of the list. In addition to that, there are bags, school supplies, shirts and other merchandise that bears the Dragon Ball Z characters.

On the other side, Dragon Ball Z has its own trivial features sthat not all of the fans are aware of. The Saiyan characters for example were all named after vegetables. Saiyan, as a starter means vegetable. And there is Vegeta, Raditz that is derived from radish and Kakkorotto that comes from carrot.