8 Popular Walking Routes in London

Partaking in an afternoon or evening stroll around London and its historic sites can be a fun way to build a good knowledge of the city’s layout, so you aren’t forever relying on the underground. Also taking a walk round London is free fun and good for you, even if you do happen to make the occasional pub stops along the way!

The following 8 walks in and around London take in various sites the city has to offer. They unveil London’s bloody and gory past, show the greener side to London life via romantic strolls along the canals. Several pass through London high traffic tourist areas including the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tower of London.

Also Google have just launched a recent update to street view so if you don’t live anywhere near London and want to check out the sites you can recreate these walks or ponder around London from the safety of your own home…

Ripper Jaunt (2.32 miles)

This walk takes in the East end of London in all its bloody macabre gory glory, stalking Jack the Rippers old haunts where he used to pick up victims. Taking you for a spin around some scarily named streets and lanes such as Stainer Street, Crucifix Lane and Tooley Street.

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Riverside Romance (4.18 miles)

This strolls takes in some of Londons riverside views and green belt areas. The riverside of the Southbank offers a wide range of sites including the London Eye, Big Ben and the Tate Modern. Hopping across the river via various bridges can be the best way to see everything and get the best views.

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Sam Smith Smash Up (5.74 miles)

Sam Smiths pubs are one of my favorite London attractions so a pub crawl based around visiting a large number of these little beauties was only a matter of time! This one could take a while and would be best to start early on a Saturday to get maximum drinking time

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Hampstead Hike (3.64 miles)

Hampstead Heath offers a short hike to one of the best views of London as a whole. Easy to reach by the tube, the Heath is a good activity for a lazy Sunday afternoon as there are many pubs nearby for a spot of Sunday Roast.

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From Wax to Imax (3.38 miles)

This rather lengthy jaunt takes in a great deal of London sites in one go including a stroll through an eye opening Soho. Although Madame Tuassards is rather tacky silly it does offer the opportunity for some hilarious photo opportunities. Again this one is good for a weekend stroll covering a great deal of sites in one go including Leicester Square the river and ending at Waterloo

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Canal Cuddles (4.88 miles)

This canal based walk shows the best of East London and takes in two of Londons most visited parks. Victoria Park and London Fields offer a base for a wide range of activities from jogging and cycyling to taking a dip (best for Summer months) in the London Fields Lido.

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Crawling Camden (2.39 miles)

Camden is a raucous place with a solid reputation for partying and showcasing the alternative lifestyle. Always full of characters this stroll will demonstrate the best parts of Camden from the lock-side stalls and food to the many bars and pubs in the area.

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Artsy Shoreditch (2.54 miles)

Shoreditch is home to the Mighty Boosh look a likes and can be an interesting place to saunter round taking in all the quirky shops and market stalls. Shoreditch is also a good place to find graffiti and one off small art galleries.