Norman Parkinsons’s A Very British Glamour event

Although this exhibition has been and gone I still feel it’s worthwhile reviewing in an attempt to highlight how good the Somerset House events can be. It’s definitely worthwhile keeping up to date with what’s on, as shows can easily pass you by. Somerset House is also particularly appropriate for fashion lovers as it often … [Read more…]

My Complaints about Oxford Street

Having traipsed along Oxford Street during the human traffic rush hours for a few weeks now, I feel more than experienced to vent frustrations with the zoo known as Oxford Circus and its surroundings. Top peeves: 1. Umbrellas: Emily Post should have written a book on Umbrella Etiquette. I nearly get an umbrella in the … [Read more…]

Mile End Climbing Wall in London

Over the years I have had a few unusual flirtations with rock climbing, which have included dangling off a massive wall of ice in Peru, scampering up a free climbing wall in Greece and more recently donning a fetching t-shirt and taking part in a rock climbing competition in Mile End. I wasn’t even aware … [Read more…]

Abercrombie and Fitch’s Flagship Store

The Abercrombie and Fitch shop is in West London close to Oxford Circus underground station, easily within walking distance. It is located just round the corner from the Apple Store on Regents Street, and the nearby Quiksilver outlet. The Abercrombie store is a little hidden away around the corner behind Regents Street on a street … [Read more…]

Bunhill Fields in Bone Hill London

If you find yourself in or around Old Street and the concrete peering at you from every angle is getting a little too much or you don’t fancy eating your sandwiches at your desk again, then you could do worse than sit under the trees in a little nook of calm called Bunhill Fields on … [Read more…]

Annual Music Festivals in London

To be honest there are too many things to do in London usually you end up intending to go somewhere then forget when its on or end up with other plans…. Not to worry though because a lot of great things to do in London are annual and you can also catch them next year … [Read more…]

WeSC Outlet Carnaby Street London

WeSC (full name WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy) also known casually as We are a Swedish street fashion brand whom have recently opened a shop on trendy Carnaby Street. Originally set up by a collection of snowboarders and skateboarders with the aim of creating clothing with roots in a subculture that sets its own rules and follows its own … [Read more…]

London’s Baby on Board

Another quirky aspect of London life are the ‘Baby on Board’ badges which were first tested out in 2005 at International Womens Day events. Since then they have been introduced in Beijing as to-be mum badges, by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and also more recently in Tokyo. A simple but effective idea the badges … [Read more…]

London’s Tube Etiquette

You can find all these tips on the tube section as well as some useful maps and travel widgets for checking the status of tube lines. Using public transport can push even a saints patience but the next time you are enraged by slow tourists or rushing commuters try to remember a few of these … [Read more…]

LCB Surf Shop in Brick Lane London

LCB is a cool hang-out in East London and stocks loads of great surf, skating and snowboarding brands such as analog, volcom, vans, wesc, von zipper, blueprint, forum, gravis, nixon, dakine, and spy. They have quite large selections of snowboarding and surfing gear and you can even pick up surf boards in the shop. The … [Read more…]