Banksy Graffiti in London

Banksy is one of the most notorious of graffiti artists. Whenever new Banksy work appears, it always seem to create a media frenzy. This is partially due to the fact that Banksys work is often political and controversial.

Graffiti by Banksy is mainly in the stencil format but does occasionally appear in differing styles. Although Banksy does create graffiti in different sizes using different subject matters and themes – a Banksy piece is always instantly recognizable.

Due to the infamy of Banksy, nowadays most new pieces that appear seem to disappear pretty quickly and get covered up in alarmingly short time periods. Hopefully this gallery and section will let people get an idea of some of the work, even if it now no longer exists on the streets.

Often emulated and copied, the style of Banksy is a signature which has lead to his reputation in mainstream society, from art prints and posters of his iconic images, to galleries displaying and selling his pieces. The artist has spawned a couple of coffee table books, been the subject of several documentaries and even written columns in the Guardian about the place of graffiti in modern day society.

Whether you love or hate the work of Banksy, you will certainly know and recognize some of these images: