Bodeans BBQ and Smoke House London

Bodeans is a little slice of the American homeland located in the middle of Soho. This split-level diner offers an American diner style eatery, and can be a good place to drop in for a hefty lunch of pulled pork sandwiches or subs. It’s a great place to hang out with friends and gorge over meaty dishes and steak.

Bodean’s dishes are real authentic American BBQ and feature only the biggest of portions including full racks of baby back ribs, chargrilled steaks and famous burnt ends. Although these in particular don’t sound to appealing, these slow smoked chunks of beef brisket are fantastic and will be the envy of the rest of the table when they are sat in front of you.

The menu isn’t solely restricted to meat filled dishes as there are lighter alternatives including grilled tuna steaks, burgers and hot dogs. Also you could get a salad but when in Rome everything should be BBQ sauce drenched.

Some of the starters are also pretty spectacular including Cajun chicken crab cakes and fire kissed Gamba shrimps. The fries are really tasty and baked to perfection and go great with the wide variety of hot sauces and BBQ sauce available.

Bodeans has four locations in London and the Soho restaurant features a sport bars style dining area downstairs, and a lunch fast food style eatery upstairs. The down stairs area would also be a great place for ex-pat Americans to hang out eat some meaty goods and keep up to date with American sports on the 42” plasma screens.