Burberry Outlet London

The Burberry outlet in deepest darkest Hackney isn’t what you would expect when you find the place. Tucked away on an industrial side street this large scale outlet shop is chock full of designed bag totting Japanese tourists and bargain hungry shoppers.

The scale of the shop is quite impressive and larger than the usual outlet park affair. The shop stock pretty much everything Burberry you could wish for from bags and expensive scarves to trademark coats and macs. They also stock reasonably priced men’s polo shirts and t-shirts which aren’t too expensive for designer goods and definitely cheaper than the West London shop alternatives.

The prices aren’t exceptionally cheap with your average coat coming in at around three hundred quid and women’s scarfs being rung up for around eighty pounds. Having said that, if you were intending to splash out and buy a Burberry coat then this would be the place to do it and discounts could be more attractive if you were already intending to spend a reasonable amount of money.

Even if you could never afford to buy clothes from the outlet it is still entertaining to cycle along to for some weekend amusement and its always fun to live the dream isn’t it!