Candy coated art exhibit?

Candy Coated Canvas is an exhibition of international artists work who were asked to produce work which was “visually extremely colourful and playful, whilst sparking up memories of childhood, sweets, fantasy lands and those naughty but nice pleasures in life.” So kind like the inner workings of Willy Wonka’s mind in art form.

The small intimate gallery setting of the London Miles Gallery in deepest darkest Kensington, has become awash with sickly pink and candy floss colours. All of the artwork is quite crazy and along the lines of Ren and Stimpy vein of mentally unhinged surrealism.

I particularly enjoyed the work of Luke Kopy Cinski, Mike Bilz and Scrumptious Delight. If you like sweets, cute things and the odd skull then this one could be up your street. All of the work is extremely playful and bright, it mixes child-like themes with more sinister underlying tones in some pieces. Obviously not the cutesy plush toys of Scrumptious Delight, though. All of these pieces are made to her original designs in Canada and feature a soft-toy gumball machines and mini marshmallows with eyes and bows in their hair!

All of the artists come from very varied and diverse backgrounds including Rome, Israel and France. Some of the work is obviously heavily inspired by Japan and anime culture videos games all of which I quite like.

The show is on until the 24th of August and more details can be found on the galleries website below. The gallery can be reached on the tube, getting off at Notting Hill Gate station and then taking a stroll through the Portobello Road market.