My Complaints about Oxford Street

Having traipsed along Oxford Street during the human traffic rush hours for a few weeks now, I feel more than experienced to vent frustrations with the zoo known as Oxford Circus and its surroundings. Top peeves: 1. Umbrellas: Emily Post should have written a book on Umbrella Etiquette. I nearly get an umbrella in the … [Read more…]

Annual Music Festivals in London

To be honest there are too many things to do in London usually you end up intending to go somewhere then forget when its on or end up with other plans…. Not to worry though because a lot of great things to do in London are annual and you can also catch them next year … [Read more…]

Night time educational activities for adults

Ever fancied learning something new but can’t commit to a full-time course? Then City Lit is a really good place to consider. In brand new premises (a 6 floor huge purpose-built building), a vast improvement on the random sites it occupied before, you’ll find City Lit on Keeley Street, a five minute walk from Holborn … [Read more…]

London’s Japanese Art Festival

This one could be a little short notice for some people but may also plug a vacant weekend gap for some other people so is still well worth posting.. The London Japanese Art Festival will be taking place in Richmond on the 11th and 12th of July at Richmond Adult Community College and promises to … [Read more…]

London’s Great Gorilla Run

The London Great Gorilla Run is being held in late September (the 26th) and has been running for over five years, no pun intended! The event has helped to raise millions of pounds for endangered mountain gorillas of which they are only around 700 left in the world. Over 3,000 people have completed the run … [Read more…]

Flashmobs taking over London?

London has become awash with flashmobs and organized dancing events over the last few months due mainly to the success of T-mobile events such as Pink singing in Trafalgar Square and the organized flashmob in Liverpool street which was plastered all over the telly a while back. Well the Southbank centre have also jumped on … [Read more…]

Unusual Hairdressers in London

Pimps & Pin Ups For something completely out of the ordinary, head over to Spitalfields for some truely glamorous 1950’s rockabilly style pampering. Looking like a cross between back stage at a west end show and a tattoo parlour convention, the well designed warehouse style space looks fantastic and makes what is normally a simple … [Read more…]