London’s Baby on Board

Another quirky aspect of London life are the ‘Baby on Board’ badges which were first tested out in 2005 at International Womens Day events. Since then they have been introduced in Beijing as to-be mum badges, by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and also more recently in Tokyo. A simple but effective idea the badges … [Read more…]

London’s Tube Etiquette

You can find all these tips on the tube section as well as some useful maps and travel widgets for checking the status of tube lines. Using public transport can push even a saints patience but the next time you are enraged by slow tourists or rushing commuters try to remember a few of these … [Read more…]

What happened to London Ink?

London Ink is a UK spin-off version of the popular Discovery Real Time programmes, Miami Ink and LA Ink. The show first aired in 2007 and featured a tattoo parlour on 332 Goswell Road close to the Angel area of London, called London Tattoo. The shop was run by Louis Molloy who is famous for … [Read more…]

Elephants in London?

Yes this is rather random, but following a bizarre conversation after a few too many drinks at work, I decided to delve into this strange topic for the benefit of anyone who might happen to be looking for elephants in London.. Elephant Parade Roll up roll up! This public awareness campaign for the Asian endangered … [Read more…]

Ten Unusual Architectual Masterpieces in London

Being the capital of the UK, London is without a doubt any tourist and architects dream, with buildings/interventions of all shapes and sizes to cater for every taste. However, I personally think that the best architecturally related stuff to visit tends to be perhaps the less obvious ones. Heres a list of my top 10 … [Read more…]

Guide to Parking in London

Parking in London can be somewhat of a nightmare and although generally I am against using cars in the capital sometimes it is plain unavoidable. I have searched through the dark corners of the internet to find some of the best places to park in London for those occasions when you have to resort to … [Read more…]

How many miles between Glasgow and London?

The distance from Glasgow to London is 403 miles according to Google Maps. Driving from Oxford to London would take six hours and fifty two minutes (roughly) depending on traffic and the distance is again around the four hundred mile mark. Below is map of the best route of London to Glasgow which takes the … [Read more…]

What is the Distance from Oxford to London?

The distance from oxford to London is 60 miles according to Google Maps. The main train route from Oxford to London leaves from Oxford Station and arrives in London Paddington, the distance between the two stations is 57 miles and an average journey time is just under an hour. You can also travel from Oxford … [Read more…]

Best Unusual Art Store in London?

One of my favorite things to do is to shop for presents. Its the perfect antidote to shopping for yourself when you know you cant afford it, there’s no guilt attached, and London is the perfect city in which to find that unique little something. Say goodbye to John Lewis and Accessorize, and get yourself … [Read more…]

What Time is It In London?

Here is a little clock of the time and date in London. The time zone in London is GMT/UTC 0. Daylight saving occurs on the Sunday in March and daylight saving ends on the last Sunday in October. This means that clocks go forward in Spring (add an hour in March) and clocks go back … [Read more…]