Norman Parkinsons’s A Very British Glamour event

Although this exhibition has been and gone I still feel it’s worthwhile reviewing in an attempt to highlight how good the Somerset House events can be. It’s definitely worthwhile keeping up to date with what’s on, as shows can easily pass you by. Somerset House is also particularly appropriate for fashion lovers as it often … [Read more…]

Mile End Climbing Wall in London

Over the years I have had a few unusual flirtations with rock climbing, which have included dangling off a massive wall of ice in Peru, scampering up a free climbing wall in Greece and more recently donning a fetching t-shirt and taking part in a rock climbing competition in Mile End. I wasn’t even aware … [Read more…]

Bunhill Fields in Bone Hill London

If you find yourself in or around Old Street and the concrete peering at you from every angle is getting a little too much or you don’t fancy eating your sandwiches at your desk again, then you could do worse than sit under the trees in a little nook of calm called Bunhill Fields on … [Read more…]

Annual Music Festivals in London

To be honest there are too many things to do in London usually you end up intending to go somewhere then forget when its on or end up with other plans…. Not to worry though because a lot of great things to do in London are annual and you can also catch them next year … [Read more…]

Trocadero Arcade in Central London

The Trocadero centre used to home to the legendary Segaworld until 1999 which was a monster games arcade features loads of cool simulators and rides as well as bucket loads of arcade booths and cabinets. Trocadero is a little sad and old now but still has some of it’s original charm and plenty of games … [Read more…]

London’s Tattoo Convention

The London Tattoo Convention will take place in late September of this year and will be the fifth year in the events history. Usually located at the Truman Brewery in East London the convention will be moving to the Tobacco Dock close to Tower Bridge. During 2008 the convention attracted over twenty thousand visitors and … [Read more…]

Bortusk Leer Graffiti London

Bortusk Leer is one of those crazy graffiti artists that makes your mind feel a little boggled whenever you spot any of their work out and about in London. The work is always pretty comical and usually takes the form of childlike drawings and scrawly sketches that are brightly coloured and sometimes a little neon … [Read more…]

London’s Japanese Art Festival

This one could be a little short notice for some people but may also plug a vacant weekend gap for some other people so is still well worth posting.. The London Japanese Art Festival will be taking place in Richmond on the 11th and 12th of July at Richmond Adult Community College and promises to … [Read more…]

Ghost Bus Tours in London

The London Necrobus creates quite a stir when rattling it’s way down the streets of London. The black double-decker bus makes pretty much everybody’s jaw drop as it whistles by. People hurriedly reach for camera phones and tap their mates on the shoulders in the pub in disbelief. Waiting for the bus at a random … [Read more…]