Cyber Candy in London

I, like most people am addicted to sugary goods and a complete chocoholic, so when I first found Cyber Candy I felt like exploding. This shop is literally a godsend! Basically the company was started in 1999 by a family in North London and has expanded into two shops – one in Covent Garden and one on North Laine in Brighton. It seems like their mission is to destroy everyone’s teeth with amazing sweeties and wall bouncing caffeine drinks from all over the globe.

The shop has everything you have ever loved, including all American cereals, chocolates and all those favorite imports. Literally if there is anything you have ever tried in another country and wished you could get hold of, then this is your lucky day.

Here is a brief run down of the delights I was overjoyed to find:

Jolt Cola
Mountain Dew (Japanese import)
Lucky Charms
Fruit Loops
Cookie Dough
Lesser spotted peanut butter M&M’s
A&W Root Beer
Clark Bars
Big Red gum
Jolly Ranchers
Milky Way Midnight
Reese Pieces
Pop Rocks

Cyber Candy also stock seasonal chocolate bars and sweeties that are no longer made. However, no need to worry, as they aren’t old and dusty but imported from the far reaches of the world.

I have to admit the only guilt I feel when drooling in the shop is the air miles that some of these goods must have done to get to London and the state my teeth will be in! However Cyber Candy does have a pretty good recycling policy and re-use all the packaging for displays and packing materials.

The cereal selection alone is amazing, and although pricey will cater to all those ex-pats out there dying for a sugar fix. Stocking up at Cyber Candy could also be a little easier and less embarrassing than jamming your suitcase full of cereal boxes when coming back to England.

They also do mystery parcels for various prices that have been selected for anyone to find new favorites and treats. The shop is often specially decorated for seasonal times like Valentines, Christmas and Easter – and seasonal goods are flown in to cater for each special time of the year.

So if you have a burning desire to stock up on sugary snacks and candy treats, then head down to Cyber Candy, grab yourself a bucket and fill her up!