Fancy Custom Oyster Cards

London can be a miserable place to live in what with all the tube strikes, rain and grumpy commuters so every little item that makes you smile or smirk is worth clinging onto.

With that being said here are some funny alternatives to standard oyster card holders that I found whilst stumbling through the dark corners of the interweb.

Personally I still have my picture oyster card holder from Stray Décor with a tree frog on it, which seems to be indestructible but when it eventually goes to oyster card heaven up in the commuter sky I might splash out for a pricey Paul Smith cover. Or get my granny to knit me a custom holder or even pick up a comical Lazy Oaf beat box/mix tape holder for that pimp–chic look!

Check out the knitted holder not too sure how long that would last and I think a couple of mid summer showers could make it quite smelly of damp in your pocket. I also like the beer holder from and think it would nicely remind you of beer o’clock on Friday evening!