LCB Surf Shop in Brick Lane London

LCB is a cool hang-out in East London and stocks loads of great surf, skating and snowboarding brands such as analog, volcom, vans, wesc, von zipper, blueprint, forum, gravis, nixon, dakine, and spy. They have quite large selections of snowboarding and surfing gear and you can even pick up surf boards in the shop. The back room has loads of equipment and is the perfect place to pick up last minute supplies before a snowboarding trip.

The shop itself is decked out in relaxing colour combinations and what looks to be recovered timber and wood shelves and furniture in the coffee house area. The coffee house is one of the main attraction of the shop for me. Especially as it used to be located exactly in the middle of a trek home from Tescos. All of the coffee sold is fairtrade and organic and you can pick up some snacks and paninis for nibbling on whilst browsing the Sunday papers.

The shop is also a internet café and has lots of odd bob laptops so you can check your email or bank balance before making some impulse buys.

The shop is the perfect place to organise a surf trip and repair your gear before heading out. The LCB brand was set up by Pete and Mark Lindsell who started shaping surf boards after meeting Gonzalo Martinez of Quiksilver on a beach in Portugal.

There are two LCB shops in London the other one is in Camden which stocks similar brands and clothes but isn’t as convenient for browsing Brick Lane on a Sunday.