London’s Baby on Board

Another quirky aspect of London life are the ‘Baby on Board’ badges which were first tested out in 2005 at International Womens Day events. Since then they have been introduced in Beijing as to-be mum badges, by the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and also more recently in Tokyo.

A simple but effective idea the badges can be picked up by any pregnant women at most London underground stations and variations of the classic TFL badge can also be picked up at Mothercare stores and on ebay.

Several studies have been carried out including the ‘Mind the Bump’ study which, found out that pregnant women not wearing Baby on Board badges have to wait an average of five stops before being offered a seat!

However 92% of people asked as part of another study stated that they thought people sitting down should offer the seat to a pregnant woman without having to be asked

So what is holding people back from giving up there seats? A lot of people believe that men hold back their chivalrous instincts in case they cause offence! It would be pretty embarrassing to offer your seat to a lady only to find out she wasn’t even pregnant!

Therefore the recently introduced Baby on Board badges are a great way to avoid any potential awkwardness for everyone!

So if you are pregnant and have to use the tube as part of your everyday commute pick yourself up a Baby on Board badge, as they have been statistically proven to give you a better chance of bagging a seat on the tube and bus.

Lets face it even if your have been at work all day and are knackered, generally speaking there is usually someone who needs your seat more than you do so be nice and make sure you offer to stand!