London’s Great Gorilla Run

The London Great Gorilla Run is being held in late September (the 26th) and has been running for over five years, no pun intended! The event has helped to raise millions of pounds for endangered mountain gorillas of which they are only around 700 left in the world. Over 3,000 people have completed the run in the last five years and the unique fun run has even set a Guinness world record for the largest gathering of people in gorilla suits!

The premise for the run is simple and a great way to pick up a free gorilla suit. Basically you register, raise over 400 pounds and run 7km around central London in a full gorilla suit! There’s a map of the route below.

I don’t really get along too well with running and marathons or even fun runs for that matter, but the idea of running around in a Gorilla suit for a good cause seems like a right laugh. Also judging by the photos taken at the past events the idea presents some pretty spectacular sights.

Admittedly running 5km in a full gorilla suit must be hard, sweaty work and training for the event must get some interesting looks from other more serious running enthusiasts. I mean do you just run in the trousers to acclimate to the heat of the suit or go for the all out anonymous factor of the gorilla face-mask.

As the events website points out raising 400 pounds seems like a tall task until you consider that it’s only 20 quid from 20 mates and surely running around in a gorilla suit will entice some questions from people that can be converted into sponsors. Also bare in mind that your sponsorship money has to cover the cost of the gorilla suit, which is yours to keep forever after the event!

One of the biggest reasons I like the idea of this event is because its all for a good cause and is having a direct impact on the population of mountain gorillas who are targeted by poachers and illegal game hunters. Also the money raised will help to fund 20 key projects dedicated to the protection and preservation of the gorillas, which include:

Ranger patrols
Forest-dwelling people education
Tree planting
Community development

If you would like to register for the event check out the details on their website listed below: