London’s Tube Etiquette

You can find all these tips on the tube section as well as some useful maps and travel widgets for checking the status of tube lines. Using public transport can push even a saints patience but the next time you are enraged by slow tourists or rushing commuters try to remember a few of these tube etiquette tips!

1. Always let people off the tube first!

2. Never lean against the doors – this affects the braking system and makes the tube jerk!

3. Don’t bother pressing the ‘open’ button – it doesn’t work!

4. Don’t stop in the middle of places where people are walking i.e. in front of the barriers

5. If you’re feeling faint in the height of summer, DON’T press the emergency stop as you’ll get stuck on the tube for much, much longer!

6. Respect people’s personal space…. don’t shove a book/newspaper in someone’s face on a crowded tube

7. We’ve all done it but try to be subtle when reading someone else’s paper over their shoulder

8. If it’s pretty busy on a tube when it arrives, don’t try and get on and annoy everyone by cramming in – don’t forget that tubes run roughly every minute and there’ll be one pretty soon afterwards!

9. It’s pretty funny trying to guess where the doors stop when a tube arrives…

10. Try to be subtle when counting down the stops……

11. If you have a free paper, put it in the recycling bin and make someone else’s job
lot easier at the end of the day

12. Be aware that some shorter people may not want to not want to sniff your armpit when your holding the central handrails!

13. Keep to the right on the escalators because Londoner’s seems to be full of people dying to get to work!

14. Although you may love Britney Spears try to resist from playing annoying music (of any kind) too loudly on your mp3, whilst in tight enclosed spaces i.e. train carriages!

15. Take note of baby on board badges and pay attention to them! If you see someone who is clearly pregnant give up your seat

16. Be nice to the tube staff!