Mike Marcus graffiti in London

Mike Marcus has been creating gas mask clad ladies for a while now. These paper and paste up graffiti formats spring up in the most popular of places around London and don’t seem to last too long.

As the pieces are made from degradable paper and card they don’t age well, and also because they are placed in tourist areas such as around Tottenham Court Road they get torn down or removed extremely quickly.

This is a shame because they are quite eerie and appear like urban ghosts poking around the corners of London’s alleys and passages. As they are mainly in greyscale and of low contrast, they can easily be missed unless you are keeping an eye out for them.

Although not graffiti in the strictest sense because they aren’t painted or sprayed on, they still class as graffiti in my book, or at the very least street art because they make the viewer question their surroundings through the medium of images.

Sometimes Mike Marcus pieces are in smaller hard to spot formats as they come in sticker and paste up variations. His work is quickly taking up a solid place on the London graffiti scene, and as his work is quite frequent it is coming to the forefront of people’s attention.