Obey Graffiti in London

Obey has become more of a global brand than a specific graffiti artist and his work, images and iconography have become synonymous with politic agendas and anti-war ideals. Obey artwork received a particular boost in relation to the Obama administration election drive, in which icons of Barack Obama were emblazoned across national television and world wide media.

Obey pieces often feature major political figures or instantly recognizable historical icons, such as Chinese revolutionaries, gas mask wearing mercenaries and propaganda styled soldiers. The posters which Obey produce are often in extremely large format and employ a bold use of minimalist color palettes to maximize their effect.

The posters often cover similar subject matters such as war, peace, propaganda and oppression. They appear as murals of figures or icons in front of bold red, black and white images which convey a powerful message, and have a strong impact on the viewer.

Obey also produces a trademark image of a man’s face set against a black frame which I have seen pretty much everywhere I’ve travelled in the world – from London, America and even Singapore. The Obey brand also covers a clothing line, books and prints and seems to be resulting in Obey becoming as mainstream as possible.