Shoreditch Diner in London Review

Recently, a few friends and myself headed down to the Shoreditch Diner on Curtain Road which, as the name gives away, is in Shoreditch.

There’s a few of these diners dotted around London, which are mocked up in traditional Americana style complete with booth seats, malt shakes and chili cheese fries.

Be warned though! Dont head down the Angel diner hungover looking for a substantially greasy breakfast, as you will be horrifically disappointed. When I recently ventured down there with a head like a bear I ended up with a substantially lighter wallet and wishing I had opted for a local greasy spoon.

Although Shoreditch Diner is a bit of fun and ideal for entertaining out of town guests it can be quite pricey and a little poncy due to the fact it is slap bang in the middle of Shoreditch’s artsy hub complete with Nathan Barley look a likes spinning their way around on expensive courier bikes.

The food is pretty good though and I would definitely recommend the burgers, which are usually around the same size as your head and tower up a little like Scooby-Doo sandwiches. The cheese chili fries are obviously genius and rather tasty as they are essentially something nice with cheese on top which makes it even nicer.

I didn’t order the corn dogs but tried some and they looked pretty ropey and to be honest the whole idea sounds quite rough! They didn’t taste too bad but I think there are nicer things to eat than deep fried sausages on sticks!

If you are addicted to sweet things like me, then the milkshakes are a welcome escape from the savoury blue and red plates. I sampled a Jack Daniels vanilla hardshake (milkshake with alcohol) which was massively filling but pretty tasty. They also offer a good selection of hard liquors and beers, which are also along the Americana style. Bear in mind the booze prices are relatively high even for London, due to the touristy appeal and might remind you of a certain five dollar milkshake scene from Pulp Fiction.

Having recently returned from the states I can confirm that the décor of the diners are pretty authentic and could be a nice slice of home for any resident Americans in London dying for a coke float. The location of the Shoreditch diner is also ideal as a starting point for an East London drinking session as you can easily bar crawl your way around local establishments including Bar Music Hall and Electricity Showrooms.