Snub Graffiti artist in London

Snub is one of my all time favorite graffiti artists because the work incorporates a great deal of themes and images that I am particularly fond of, namely manga inspired images robots and cubism.

The Snub pieces are often quite small and stencil based, but has been branching out into larger wall pieces, which use futuristic images and components such as robot masks and sci-fi styled technology on vivid colour palettes. Manga and anime lovers will also like Snub graffiti because it often features anime styled characters surrounded by cute bubbles and backdrops.

Snub also produces work in sticker format, however this is less frequently seen and on a much smaller scale. I have spotted a few variations on the usual Snub format of killer robots which features space age looking monkeys.

If you like what you see of Snub’s work then one of the best places to check out is Leake Street, as Snub heavily featured in the festival and covered several walls, lamp posts and pavements with bright blue pieces. I also really like Snub artwork because they remind me of comics and graphic novel artwork and really grab you when they are seen amongst the other lesser liked graffiti scrawling.