Space Invaders Graffiti Pictures London

The Space Invader group of artists create cute little creatures based on classic eighties computer games and are the ‘where’s Wally’ of the graffiti world. Painstakingly made in ceramic tile mosaics, these small pieces are scattered throughout all major cities in the world. Their global domination can be tracked on their website too.

The pieces are modelled around characters included in classic and retro computer games, from titles such as Space Invaders and Pacman. These cute little fellas are placed everywhere you could possible imagine and catch your eye when you least expect it. They are sometimes really high up in difficult to reach places that make you wonder how they were glued there. Other tiles pieces are placed discreetly next to street signs and posters and peek out from street corners.

These graffiti pieces do somewhat differ to other artist’s work as they are meticulously made with tiles and then fixed to walls and signs rather than being sprayed or pasted up. However, I personally don’t feel this detracts from their charm and believe it still has a valid place in street art. This is mainly because they work well to beautify areas, and have to be placed in the dead of night to avoid hassle.