Sweet Toof graffiti pictures London

Sweet Toof is a really vibrant graffiti artist whose work keeps popping up in various shapes and sizes. The work is mainly focused around weird looking creatures with funny gummy teeth, like the sweets you get in penny mix ups!

More recently, Sweet Toof work has been branching into more bizarre realms, including ice lollies and sweet characters sandwiched in between giant sets of gnashers and teeth.

Sweet Toof is one of my personal favorites because new pieces appear regularly. The bright and bold colours mean that Sweet Toof’s work is easy to spot and brings a fresh air to some of London’s more industrial areas.

Mainly painted in extremely large formats Sweet Toof pieces also include eerie looking skulls with fleshy dentures. In some cases, pieces have been known to take over full walls and garage shutters.
Sweet Toof is part of a crew called BC (Burning Candy or Before
Chrome). Who are also responsible for the various crocodiles and skulls seen around London.

Smaller pieces include paste ups and stickers which again revolve around the little skull character with vibrant pink cartoon-esque teeth.

Sweet Toof pieces are also often hidden away or painted in some pretty hard to reach places, but in the same instance sprawl across walls and roofs. This creates a vivid claustrophobic effect which makes the work stand out from some of its contemporaries.