Top Frozen Yogurt Spots in London

Frozen yogurt has taken off in the capital recently, and as a healthy alternative to ice cream, health conscious Londoners looking for a sweet fix have a wide selection at their feet. I’ve become a little obsessed with some of the frozen yoghurt shops on offer, as I’m easily sucked in by brightly coloured are my top three in order of preference!


This shop is proper mental. With cheeky branding such as ‘I like snogging better than sex’ hinting at sexual inuendos, the shop name is genius and the soho location really quite apt! There’s seating inside which allows you to be one amongst the floro pink, and the frozen yogurt (also known as ‘snogs’ here) isn’t bad either. I thoroughly recommend the snog special which allows you a classic ‘snog’ plus two toppings – the classic is pretty huge and although a little pricey, well worth the cash monies. I personally prefer traditional fruit toppings, but why not have a go with some mini oreo cookies or even a hot espresso shot. The yogurt here is just right, with that hint of refreshing tanginess, and I would also recommend the green tea frozen yogurt for all of you purists out there. Definitely worth the price tag and open till midnight, it’s perfect for a summer night after the pub.


Itsu is a health obsessed Japanese chain based around various parts of London. Catered towards the working folks in central as it’s only normally open till 5pm, the sushi is fresh and the detox soup brilliant for a hangover. However, it’s the frozen yogurt that really floats my inner health boat. The portions aren’t huge so good for a smaller treat after lunch, and the best topping by far is the hot dark chocolate sauce you can get with strawberries, which when cool turns into pure sticky chocolate goodness.


I went to this little organic gem quite recently, on a stinking hangover and feeling really pretty grouchy, as Luke will vouch for! However, sitting on the outside tables in the sunshine yogurt in hand, definitely brought about the feel better factor. This yogurt was a lot creamier in texture and taste to the others, far more reminiscent of ice cream. I had my classic choice of strawberries and blueberries and this was a winner. The portions were massive though so if you’re unsure, a small size is definitely enough!