Trocadero Arcade in Central London

The Trocadero centre used to home to the legendary Segaworld until 1999 which was a monster games arcade features loads of cool simulators and rides as well as bucket loads of arcade booths and cabinets.

Trocadero is a little sad and old now but still has some of it’s original charm and plenty of games and arcade machines to splash some cash on. The layout is spread over a confusing one-way system of ropey looking staircases and gangways.

The centre also features a Cineworld multi-screen cinema which is housed on a couple of levels of the shopping centre. There are a few touristy shops on the ground floor as you come in from the street (down from Piccadilly Circus). These include the likes of Octopus and a few tempting sweet shops.

On the first floor there are also some food places and cafes which are also a little worse for wear with age. But you can grab some corn in a cup or some weird hollowed out baguettes with a hot dog in them! Whatever floats your boat really!

The main attraction is still the arcade which is spread across two floors and also has a bowling alley and some dodgems. The games feature all the usual classic and the arcade machines seem to get rotated quite regularly and new machines are slotted in on a reasonably frequent basis.

My current favourite machines at Trocadero feature some old skool classic like:

House of the Dead (any of them)
Time Crisis (again any will do)
Star Wars Trilogy (the funny joystick one)
Ghost Squad (cool guns and ideal for two players)
Afterburner (makes you feel like a muppet sitting in the chair but great fun)

Ok arcades are for kids really and for picking up girls when you were like twelve but its still fun to head down Trocadero when you’ve had a few drinks with some mates and shoot stuff, some things never get old!