What happened to London Ink?

London Ink is a UK spin-off version of the popular Discovery Real Time programmes, Miami Ink and LA Ink.

The show first aired in 2007 and featured a tattoo parlour on 332 Goswell Road close to the Angel area of London, called London Tattoo.

The shop was run by Louis Molloy who is famous for creating David Beckhams crucifix back piece and also features well known tattoo artists like graffiti inspired Dan Gold, Nikole Lowe and Phil Kyle.

As Discovery seem to spin out London Ink every now and again on Sunday nights in the UK, I thought I would write a little post about the shop and where you can contact each of the featured artists if you would like work done by them.

Nikole Lowe is a well known tattoo artist heralding from New Zealand and specialises in Japanese, Tibetan and Indian-themed style pieces. Up until recently Nikole was working at ‘Into You’ tattoo parlour, also located in North London.

Nikole can be contacted through her myspace page and there are loads of pictures of her work scattered around the internet and in tattoo related books.

Dan Gold now works at a tattoo studio called Skunx Tattoo on Chapel Street in Angel and can be contacted about work through their website

Dan is known for his graffiti inspired pieces and has tattooed the like of Kate Moss and members of the band Kasabian.

Phil Kyle now owns a shop called Magnum Opus Tattoo in Brighton and can be contacted through the parlour website.

Phil mainly tattoos in a traditional style and is found of creating new wave old school style pieces; so the usual skulls, daggers and hearts!
Louis Molloy runs a studio in Manchester called Middleton Tattoo Studio which can be found on 327 Oldham Road in Middleton. He is easy to contact through the studios website.

Personally I didn’t enjoy the London Ink series as much as the American counterparts although the work of Nikole Lowe in particular was pretty breathtaking. I think mainly the American versions are a little bit better because of the glamorous locations and amusing customers, whereas London always seems a bit dull and grey on the telly!